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Receptacle combinations for worldwide use

The term "Industry 4.0" was created in Germany in 2011 describing the beginning of the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is about intelligent networking and informatisation of manufacturing technology in real time and building a "smart factory" of all trades in a company.

Convincing worldwide
Many international reference projects of satisfied customers from varied fields are proof. Whether container terminals, steel plants, sports facilities, mines or transport undertakings, whether in Russia, USA, Peru, China or India: AMAXX® provides reliable energy and data distribution worldwide.

With new features to meet international requirements, such as UL listed enclosures and components, Nema connector systems for the markets of the Americas and sockets with earth contact specifically for the Chinese market, the AMAXX® range of products is even better positioned in new international markets. Over and above, manufacturing facilities in key international growth markets guarantee a quick response to customer needs.

Proven quality for over 80 years
MENNEKES is the global specialist for industrial plugs and sockets. For over 80 years "Plugs for the World" have been delivered – and now in more than 90 countries worldwide. Right from the start, AMAXX® represented the perfect combination of variety and functionality. MENNEKES impresses in this area through experience and innovation, as well as an extensive portfolio. All AMAXX® devices are manufactured in compliance with standards and individually tested according to EN/IEC 60309 and 61439 as well as UL 508A, depending on customer or project.
"To continue our success story, we have made AMAXX® more international andenhanced the range with exciting features", reaffirms Managing Director Christopher Mennekes. "In this way, we support our growth objectives, particularly abroad.
Our customers are looking forward to even more versatility they can use to implement individual solutions for their industrial enterprises."

World champion in combinations
The many possible combinations of the AMAXX® standard range also contribute to the success. Many reference projects around the world also demonstrate our passion to develop customised solutions right up to single unit production.
AMAXX® receptacle combinations by MENNEKES combine energy and data in one product family. MENNEKES offers the right combination for each requirement: from the smallest AMAXX® receptacle combination with one segment, through the largest with five segments to the suspended receptacle combination.

Well equipped for success
All AMAXX® devices comply with protection type IP44 (splash proof) or IP67 (dust- and waterproof). The module plates of the receptacle combinations may be equipped with sockets, switches, buttons or other operating and control elements. This allows the integration of control units, energy and data distribution as well as fuse elements in the same enclosure system.

CEE sockets from 16A, 3-pole up to 63A, 5-pole, grounding type receptacles according to many national standards such as British, Swiss, French-Belgian and Danish as well as for China and the Nema connectors for US and Canada are possible.
Also in accordance with UL requirements for the markets in North and South America and the Middle East. In addition, data port receptacles with different Keystones for RJ45 or other connectors can be installed.

The following integrated fusing types are available: personal protection device (RCD) and circuit breaker (MCB) - incidentally, also according to UL requirements for all markets that follow the US-American standard - and Neozed inserts.

AMAXX® is also available with switched interlocked DUO recepteacles up to 63A: After inserting and turning on, the plug is locked. After turning off and pulling the plug, the switch is locked. Thus even as a multiple distributor and in a special version with monitoring sockets for reefer containers.

Top notch, outside and inside
However, not only the inner working matters. AMAXX® is also impressive on the outside. The enclosures are made of high-quality plastics ensuring excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. The standard colour for enclosure surfaces is electro-grey. The enclosures are also available in silver or signal yellow. The enclosure base is always black 

To meet challenges in working areas where aggressive atmospheres prevail, enclosures and operating flaps made of AMELAN® offer excellent chemical resistance to fuels, oils, greases, diluted acids and bases as well as cleaners and most aqueous salt solutions used for example in the food industry or agriculture. In addition, highly heat-resistant contact carriers and nickel-plated contacts in the sockets used provide safety in challenging environments.

MENNEKES impresses with AMAXX® variety internationally – as standard or customised solution. The success story continues!
On, those who are interested can find global reference projects, additional information on the various applications, a product finder for standard equipment and MENNEKES contacts worldwide for customised solutions.


Kirchhundem, dated 13th March 2016
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